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  • RichardAbbott

    Michael, thanks for your earlier note. I imagine you're talking about Sabit - I always enjoyed reading those little flash fiction snippets, and could easily see how they might be converted into something longer.

    Personally I have discovered I just can't seem to write short stories... I enjoy reading them, but apparently can't condense my own ideas into something so contained. Novella -> short novel format seems to suit me both in terms of what I enjoy writing, and what gets done in a reasonable time given all the general stuff of life which necessarily has to take priority. I can't imagine having enough spare time to write a long novel (like the Red Mars trilogy, for example, nor indeed having the interest to pursue the same storyline for long enough to accomplish it.

    In these days of self-publishing, which you're obviously proficient at, I would say just go for the length and form that suits you best, and gives you the most satisfaction having finished it.

    March 30
  • Michael_S_Miller

    Since this isn't related to the book, I didn't want to clutter up the main thread.

    But I wanted to thank you for that great insight into the needs of different media. I've been struggling to finsih the first draft of my first novel for more than two years, with a character and setting where I've written close to a dozen short stories and novellas. But the novel just is not working. I've tried seven different endings so far and none of them is the right one.

    Thank you for reminding me that different media (and novellas are a different medium than novels) have differnt needs and maybe my skills as a writer (however modest they may be) might just be better suited to shorter formats. Rather than fight and struggle to finish the novel, maybe I should just scrap it and salvage the remains for three or four novellas and move on. Maybe there is a novel in the future for me, maybe there isn't. I am reminded that I have options rather than just banging my head against a wall.

    Thank you.

    March 30
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    March 28