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  • clash_bowley

    Hi Richard! Got you email and sent a reply off before running a game - the first of two tonight: from one to seven PM a StarCluster 4 - Wavefront Empire game, and from seven to eleven PM a Blood Games session set in Denver 1871. When my gang left I was stunned to see my reply to you had gone nowhere, as you were going through the book club's messenger! D'oh! So here I am replying the same way! My email is, and love to talk via email! Especially about SF! I was a well paid tech writer until recently, and churn out immense numbers of words daily. :D
    I would love to talk about the new project, another StarCluster 4 game called In The Beginning. The beginning setting of In The Beginning is not fixed, it is the end state of a board game I designed called The Great Game (in reference, of course, to Kipling's Kim). As such, it could just as well be your book setting, of course! Where can I get your books? I'd love to read them!

    December 9