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Hi everyone,

I'm starting a newsletter as a place to post club news and book announcements in one place to make it easier to follow and keep up with the latest. Here we can announce upcoming books, let people know when a monthly discussion starts, and generally post notices about other threads (like calls for book nominations) in which club members might like to participate. Note that this thread will be closed for comment, though, in order to keep the news feed clean. The items posted here should instead link to other threads that are open to discussion.

And now to catch us up on the current club goings on.

APRIL 7 2019

  • Discussion of the March Monthly Book - Mission of Gravity - is now underway and seeking participants.
  • Our April book as been announced as Hiero's Journey by Stirling Lanier, a discussion to be led by @RichardAbbott . I've created a category for this book. Richard, would you mind posting an introduction/announcement?
  • We haven't settled on a book for May, yet, but here's a link to the discussion of what to read in 2019. Please share your opinions: Book Club Discussion - Looking ahead to 2019
  • The weekly discussions of Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun is ongoing, with new posts each Wednesday.


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    Is the newsletter bi-annual? Or did it not take off like the old soviet jet that ran out of coal...?

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