Babel A6: Time and pacing


We skip over large periods of time in the book, with years passing in just a couple of paragraphs. What do you think of the pacing in the book? Would you like things to go faster or more slowly? (In particular, we don't have time to show the depth of connections with Ramy, Letty, and Victoire, which may be an issue later.) 


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    In general I think the book is longer than it needs to be and there are some sizeable chunks that could have been removed, esp. in part 2. So I guess that means I think the story could have unfolded quicker. But I didn’t mind the pace of the writing, if that makes sense.
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    I'm with @Apocryphal on this one - it felt longer than it needed to be, but it didn't drag and I'd be hard pushed to outline particular things to delete. But at the same time it is a rich and complex world, and I do feel that we're skimming over things that deserve more attention.

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    Yes, I think it's long, and large parts of it don't advance any story. But it does all give a sense of the time and place, so none of it feels like filler and I don't find any of the writing dragging.

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    Pretty much echo everyone here. The writing is not a problem.

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