Babel A7: Foreshadowing and what's next


What do you think's coming next? Speculate wildly here, so long as you've no actual knowledge of anything beyond Book 2!

A few things have been foreshadowed:

  • The group of Robin, Remy, Letty, and Victoire will turn on each other and betray each other. What will prompt that split? Who will be on what side?
  • The notion of "autotranslation" silver contaminating all the silver it touches has got to be a Chekov's gun. Who will do the contamination, and whose silver will be destroyed?
  • Ribben has mysteriously disappeared. Will he come back from the dead?
  • Just how deep will Robin get into the activities of Hermes?


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    I’ll refrain from comment, except to say: interesting speculations!
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    • Will Robin go back to Griffin and the Rebel Cause?
    • Will one of the group Robin, Remy, Letty, and Victoire fail an exam and be ruthlessly turned out, and how will that affect the others?
    • Can folk with good knowledge of languages that have been neglected in the past produce what are effectively viruses of Trojan horses to undermine the system?
    • Will Robin be approached by the Chinese government to act as an informer (and hence strain his loyalties three ways instead of the current two)?
    • Will Robin accidentally discover a really powerful/useful/dangerous translation pair and be put in a moral dilemma as to what to do with it?
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